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MINDSET Coaching

the greatest freedom is the freedom of choice

Mindset Coaching clarifies the objectives of people going through a period of change
with an eye on one main project.

Errol's current clients include directors, actors,
filmmakers, musicians, artists and lavender farmers. Every one of them started with a
small dream that was nurtured into a life changing project.

 lavender farmer

lavender farmer





Project Coaching keeps clients motivated, accountable and in control of their whole life throughout the
transition process. There is no "cookie cutter" approach. Each project success plan
is based on the principle that each individual person's answers lie within them.


Transition coaching clarifies the objectives of people going through a period of change. Whether planned, or unexpected, change equals upheaval. In the case of planned change, the challenge is to keep all areas of your life in balance while the change is taking place, to avoid the need for a massive "clean up" at the culmination of the change. Transition coaching keeps you motivated, accountable and in control of your whole life throughout the transition process. If the change is unexpected, Transition coaching helps you accept the negative emotions which come with surprise and then create a strategy to identify and honor the areas of your life that you can control. There is no "cookie cutter" approach. Each transition success plan is based on the principle that each individual person's answers lie within them.


a coach is...

  • your greatest cheerleader and supporter, applauding even your smallest successes.

  • your roadmap to dreaming big, helping you see your greatest capabilities.

  • your Life-Path Tour Guide, exploring the most direct route to exceed your unique potential.


what does a coach do?

  • meets with clients, in person or by phone, to establish goals and identify roadblocks.

  • asks relevant questions to help you find the answers; pushing you beyond the first answer to help discover more creative solutions.

  • offers strategies for overcoming obstacles (ie: time and stress management, schedules, etc.).

  • helps to organize and clarify random thoughts and ideas.

  • provides positive accountability to help you stay on task and achieve your goals.

  • shares information on the latest trends and information related to advocacy, community and the global conversation.


family caregivers

When someone discovers they must transition into the role of a caregiver for a family member, it is normal to feel as if life is out of control. I work with family caregivers to identify where they do have control and how to use that control to bring their life back into balance.



Though the assumption is that the transgender path is a major transition in and of itself, the truth is the transgendered individual pursues many of the same transitions as the cisgender community - relationship shifts, career adjustments, caregiver responsibilities. I work with each individual on personal transition with a full awareness of their individual perspective and the unique challenges it presents.


professional caregivers

Professional caregivers are natural givers. The challenge is to care first for the most important patient - themselves. I work with professional caregivers to explore their values and use of time to develop a strategy that puts them first, avoiding the burnout so common to caregivers.











I believe that everyone has potential beyond what they accept as possible.

about your coach


Errol's background

Errol McLendon is an IPEC Certified Project and Mindset Coach.

He has taught workshops and conducted seminars on communication, creativity and
life planning; he is also a professional actor and director in the Chicago area.

Errol began 12 years ago working in multiple medical schools as a communications
and life balance consultant, helping medical students survive their life passion.


Errol's creative approach

As a professional actor and director, working in improv, sketch comedy and interactive theatre. This element of Errol's background influences both his coaching and workshops. In his coaching, Errol encourages creativity and focuses on point of view. The first answer isn't always the best answer and certainly isn't the only answer. Even though the subject matter of Errol's coaching is very serious, the power of laughter and humor is always honored. In his workshops, Errol incorporates fun, humor and interaction. No boring PowerPoint presentations here!

Errol's professional credentials

Here is what the letters after Errol's name represent.

CPC is an acronym for Certified Professional Coach and represents more than 300 hours of training based on the theory that everyone falls into one of nine energy levels when dealing with a situation. The choices made at the higher energy levels are more constructive and move you forward faster. This idea lends itself well to Errol's creative approach, since every situation has nine choices - one for each energy level.

ELI-MP is an acronym for Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner. This simply means that Errol is trained to administer and interpret an assessment tool which identifies where a person lives energetically in their everyday life and where they go energetically when they encounter stress.

Errol serves on the Advisory Board for Medtech College in Indiana.

Errol is a Nurse Continuing Education Sponsor meaning all of his workshops offer CEU's to nurses.



10.  Errol takes serious topics and comes up with serious solutions while keeping things fun.

9.   Errol is a Nurse Continuing Education Sponsor offering CEU's for all of his workshops.

8.   No book or manual can guide you to a personal strategic plan as well as a face-to-face worksop or personal coaching plan.

7.   Errol has walked the walk - so he can talk the talk!

6.   Every workshop starts with questions that allow Errol to customize the workshop to each of the individual participants' lives.

5.   Every one leaves Errol's workshops with an accountability partner to insure progress long after the workshop ends.

4.   Errol is a CPC (Certified Professional Coach) and an ELI-MP (Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner) trained through IPEC, one of the most respected coach training programs internationally. CPC-ELI-MOUSE. (sorry, couldn't resist ;-) )

3.   Errol will keep your audience engaged, entertained and awake with interactive activities drawn from his diverse worlds of medicine, stage and film.

2.   Due to the constant influx of information generation everyday by concerning care-giving, Errol updates his workshops constantly, offering the latest and most relevant information. 

And the #1 reason to hire Errol is:

Errol believes that the first patient is YOU, the caregiver. Not only do you deserve self-care, it's essential to your success and sustainability.






Errol McLendon is a true gentle-man. His insight, good humor and down-to-earth sensibility offset his alarmingly high levels of emotional and spiritual intelligence; a real package deal. He is kind, capable, smart and real, but supports the bigness of your dreams and the truth of your reality in ways you didn't realize you needed until he came along. I recommend him for assistance in every difficult task on your life's journey.        

-Emmy B.

Errol McLendon is a colleague, friend and a damned fine coach. His "small steps" approach helps me see that, not only am I making progress on my present goals, I  feel like I can set, work towards and achieve new ones.

-Olivia D.

Errol inspired me to follow my dream of creating my lavender farm. We spent hours and hours over coffee brainstorming ideas and approaches. Anytime I would come across an obstacle, he would help me find a solution to overcome that problem.Every time I've had self-doubt, he's been there to remind me how amazing what i've already accomplished actually is! And now that my plants are in the ground, and my farm is becoming a reality, I have him to thank in so many ways.Anyone who has the opportunity to share their ideas and dreams with him, let me tell you, you are truly blessed.

-Danielle B.

I feel like so much static has been cleared out of my life and it's very exciting.

-Kevin L.

He creates space for you to discover things about yourself that you never knew were within your skin.

-Kathy G.











Self-Care for Nurses
Targeted to nurses who are seeking balance in their lives in order to avoid compassion fatigue and nurse burnout. By taking a simple value assessment, it is evident which areas of life are out of alignment. Adaptable for other healthcare professionals.

Self-Care for Caregivers
Targeted to the lay caregiver focusing on embracing the negative emotions that are natural in the "obligation" of care-giving. The goal is to move forward with a self-protecting plan.

Un-Pushing Your Buttons
Designed to provide 5 levels of defense when the ones you care for lash out. By honoring and acknowledging what triggers our buttons, we can choose how we want to react emotionally to them being pushed.

Keeping Your Dream Alive
This workshop explores the four main obstacles that keep people in transition from living and pursuing their dreams and provides secrets for breaking though. This workshop is designed to engage and inspire individuals to stay the course.

Being Your Own Support
In this workshop, individuals identify and embrace their strengths and talents. Working from these strengths, the workshop participants develop a "go to" tool kit to provide them support when others are not able or willing to give support.

Re-balancing Your Life
Through the use of a Wheel of Life (not the Lion King kind), the participants rate eight areas of their life and identify which areas are in need of attention. Together we develop a Life Strategy to address areas needing attention.

Dealing With Professional Conflicts
This workshop teaches a communication technique that allows participants to begin expressing negative feelings in a factual, unemotional way. Through role play, this technique is practiced in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. Finally, we identify areas that can be controlled and those areas that cannot be controlled and develop strategies for dealing with both.


personal coaching

My personal coaching starts with an hour of complimentary evaluation and coaching for potential clients. This introductory session allows me to define if and how I can help my client. After the initial session, I offer a choice of packages that will be the most beneficial and accessible to the individual client, while honoring my client's time and financial availability. The general pattern of a session consists of the client filling out a short form before our meeting to assess how you think things have progressed since the previous meeting, followed by a forty minute discussion either in person or over the phone, followed by an email reviewing whet we have discussed.

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