I believe that everyone has potential beyond what they accept as possible.

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Errol's background

Errol McLendon is an IPEC Certified Project and Mindset Coach.

He has taught workshops and conducted seminars on communication, creativity and
life planning; he is also a professional actor and director in the Chicago area.

Errol began 12 years ago working in multiple medical schools as a communications
and life balance consultant, helping medical students survive their life passion.


Errol's creative approach

As a professional actor and director, working in improv, sketch comedy and interactive theatre. This element of Errol's background influences both his coaching and workshops. In his coaching, Errol encourages creativity and focuses on point of view. The first answer isn't always the best answer and certainly isn't the only answer. Even though the subject matter of Errol's coaching is very serious, the power of laughter and humor is always honored. In his workshops, Errol incorporates fun, humor and interaction. No boring PowerPoint presentations here!

Errol's professional credentials

Here is what the letters after Errol's name represent.

CPC is an acronym for Certified Professional Coach and represents more than 300 hours of training based on the theory that everyone falls into one of nine energy levels when dealing with a situation. The choices made at the higher energy levels are more constructive and move you forward faster. This idea lends itself well to Errol's creative approach, since every situation has nine choices - one for each energy level.

ELI-MP is an acronym for Energy Leadership Index - Master Practitioner. This simply means that Errol is trained to administer and interpret an assessment tool which identifies where a person lives energetically in their everyday life and where they go energetically when they encounter stress.

Errol serves on the Advisory Board for Medtech College in Indiana.

Errol is a Nurse Continuing Education Sponsor meaning all of his workshops offer CEU's to nurses.



10.  Errol takes serious topics and comes up with serious solutions while keeping things fun.

9.   Errol is a Nurse Continuing Education Sponsor offering CEU's for all of his workshops.

8.   No book or manual can guide you to a personal strategic plan as well as a face-to-face worksop or personal coaching plan.

7.   Errol has walked the walk - so he can talk the talk!

6.   Every workshop starts with questions that allow Errol to customize the workshop to each of the individual participants' lives.

5.   Every one leaves Errol's workshops with an accountability partner to insure progress long after the workshop ends.

4.   Errol is a CPC (Certified Professional Coach) and an ELI-MP (Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner) trained through IPEC, one of the most respected coach training programs internationally. CPC-ELI-MOUSE. (sorry, couldn't resist ;-) )

3.   Errol will keep your audience engaged, entertained and awake with interactive activities drawn from his diverse worlds of medicine, stage and film.

2.   Due to the constant influx of information generation everyday by concerning care-giving, Errol updates his workshops constantly, offering the latest and most relevant information. 

And the #1 reason to hire Errol is:

Errol believes that the first patient is YOU, the caregiver. Not only do you deserve self-care, it's essential to your success and sustainability.