Today begins the Road Maps blog. This will be a forum for my insights and observations, biased as they may be, of the world and how we all survive it. Many of the posts will be aimed toward the concerns of the healthcare professional and student; however, the information, if you choose to pay attention to it al all, will be of use to anyone wanting to live a passionate and fulfilled life. My intention (paving the road all the way to h#(&) is to blog every other day and to also put out a newsletter once a month. The newsletter will be more factual, less editorial. My life has been an amazing journey and so can yours. The only place that "no" exists is in your mind and the greatest freedom is the freedom of choice. Do more than dream your dreams. Pursue them. All it takes is a few minutes of absolute courage to make a bold move. I promise you, you will never look back.

I recently reconnected with an old friend after 26 years. She sent a three sentence wrap up of her entire 26 years which culminated in the words, "I have lived a very vanilla life". Now vanilla is my favorite flavor in ice cream (French vanilla, if anyone is looking for a nice "have a good snow day" gift for me), but deliver me from a vanilla life. Live a neapolitan, spumoni,butter pecan, mint chocolate chip, Cherry Garcia, Moose Tracks, Chunky Monkey kind of life. Grab the scoop and dig in.

I look forward with sharing your life feast with you. Send me a note with your flavor and what it means to you.

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