I posted a blog on my Facebook page today about a doctor experiencing a stroke and how he chose to delay his trip to the emergency room. This brings up an interesting challenge I have as a coach focusing on healthcare professionals and students. It has been said to me, "doctors don't admit that they need help until the situation is critical". This effects my business in that my clientele may not seek me out until the situation is in need of a therapist, not a coach. So what is the solution? What are the signs that a coach might be of use? Here is an abbreviated checklist.

1. Do you react to stressful situations by either playing the "victim" card or getting into a fight?

2. During periods of growth or transitions, does your life completely spin out of balance?

3. Do you have difficulty in prioritizing tasks, goals or projects?

4. Is time management an issue? (Tip off: I answer "yes" to some of these myself. That is why I have a coach).

5. Are there leadership qualities you see in others that you wish you could nurture in yourself?

There are many coaches out there and the most productive and dynamic entrepreneurs and individuals have at least one. I help professionals who are in the middle of growing their business focus on the eight key areas of life so that they maintain balance throughout the growth process. This focus results in their being able to reach their fullest potential while living a fulfilled and joyful life. Other coaches focus on other areas.

So, if you could have help with anything in your life, what would it be? What would the process look like. I promise, this is not pathetic attempt to get my foot in your door. Your name will not go on a list. No robocalls at dinnertime. I am genuinely interested in how you would help yourself. Be honest and vulnerable and enjoy the possibility that your life can go to an even higher level.