If any of you are old enough to remember Ed Sullivan (or have been to a circus lately), you have seen the guy (or girl, no assumption here) who keep a large number of plates spinning on the top of flimsy looking sticks. They are always running to a stick to spin it just before the plate is about to drop. It is a frantic, nerve racking thing to watch. It is equally as nerve racking to live through. When we take on a large project - starting a business, going back to school, having a baby, pursuing a professional career in the arts - the other "plates" of our lives keep spinning, at least they should. Many times my clients make a statement like, "I am devoting myself to this project. I am putting everything else on hold for a year so I can dedicate my time to it". That is like saying, "I am going to clean out my basement for two weeks. I am not walking the dog, cleaning the house, doing laundry, playing with my kids so I can dedicate my time to the basement". When this person eventually comes out of the "basement", their life is going to be devastated and a lot of "plates" are going to be broken. The next span of dedicated time is going to be spent repairing damage.

When undertaking a large project or period of growth, take weekly assessments of the 8 key areas of your life - family/parenting, career/profession, personal finance, health/aging, relationships both intimate and social, fun and enjoyment, spiritual awareness and personal development. Invest time in helping these areas grow along with your project and when the project is completed, you will be surrounded by prosperity, peace and fulfillment in all areas of your life.