Do you have a difficult time revving up on Monday morning? Are the first two hours of every Monday non-productive for you? Do you spend hours just looking over the daunting task list for the week? Well, welcome to the life of a person who just took two days off and got away from the workplace. This is a perfectly normal feeling for most people.

So, instead of beating yourself up about it, embrace this time and ease into the week. Here is the process that works well for most of my clients.

1. Allow time for the process

Look at the following steps and set your clock a little earlier to allow for them. These steps can be done for 15 minutes each up to an hour each, meaning setting your clock 30 minutes to 2 hours earlier. Do what works for you. If you work from home or set your own hours, the alternative may be to start your workday later. This is designed to make life more comfortable and more productive, not to make you anxious or sleep deprived.

1. Begin with a calming or centering activity.

Now I am not going to go all metaphysical on you here. You can choose meditation or centering, but you might also choose my favorite-reading through blogs and news stories. I use as an app to gather stories of interest to me. They sometimes relate to my business interests, but I also have it gather stories about movies and other topics of personal interest. This is "me" time and does as much to wake up my mind as a good meditation or visualization. I enjoy the information gathering with a nice protein shake.

2. Express yourself

Spend some time expressing yourself. Journal, blog, write down ideas for your next novel. The key is to get the creative juices flowing in non-critical ways. Do not send any business emails or texts. This is time to let the ideas flow. I do mine with a great cup of coffee.  Enjoy the creativity and freedom of thoughts.

When you have completed these steps, you should be mentally awake and ready for the week. This can also become a daily routine. You may want to do a longer session on the first day of the week and abbreviate the time the rest of the week. Or you may want to have the longer routine in reserve for days you know are going to be busier or more stressful.

Share any of your ideas for easing into the week or mornings and, if I include it in a future blog, I will send you a nice thank you gift. 

So, go out and do great things,