Starting a new project? Setting a new goal? Beginning a new job or school program? A great way to invasion and embrace the feelings and emotions you will feel when the project is completed, is to write a letter to yourself now, but as if you were speaking to yourself at the future completion point. This letter should be written in the present tense as if you just got a Tweet or Facebook post from you announcing your success. In writing this letter, include as much sensual detail as you can. Congratulate yourself on how it feels, tastes, smells. Mention specific family and best friends and how much pride they must feel for you. Discuss what the next steps you must be planning, now that this project is complete. Take your time and include as much detail as possible. Remember, you are writing to congratulate your most favorite person in the world - YOU.

Now, let's take this a step further and include your friends. Ask several friends to write similar congratulatory letters. Put them in a box and open them at the completion date of the project. It is not important to know what your friends have written until the end. You will know that there are positive and supportive thoughts inside those unopened envelopes (no real friend will write, "Sorry you didn't make it"). Imagine the added joy to your completion date as you open each envelope and bask in the love and confidence your friends had in you.

Know someone embarking on a project or new endeavor? Why not do the same for them? Have friends write future congratulatory letters  and present them to the honoree in a locked box. At the predetermined future completion date, present your friend with the key. Just having the box present and visible will provide a visual reminder to stay focused, stay positive and stay the course.

Special thanks to my coach, Fredi Baker, for the final twist on this idea. She has been a wonder guide and mentor over the last few months. Try this and let me know how this works for you. Find a new angle on this idea? Send me your thoughts and, if I publish it in a blog, I will send you a nice botanically based skin care product.

Go placidly among the noise and haste - Desirderata, Max Ehrmann