Networking is such a cold word. It is sterile. It is businesslike. II don't do it.

What I do is meet and get to know wonderful people. I never approach a conversation with "making a sale" in the back of my brain. I approach a conversation as a, well, conversation. I love getting to know people. When I work with a client whose main job is to sell themselves or their product, I lead them to the same perspective. Change your thoughts, change your world. Once you think of your main job on this earth as getting to know as many people as possible and as much about them as possible, your business will prosper and you will enjoy every minute of your "workday".

The second part of this process is experiencing the joy of putting two people together. As you meet people, you will start seeing possible, creative connections. Open your mind. Does that chiropractor do office parties and need a vegan cupcake maker? Does that financial planner mention having a problem with their website? Well, maybe you just spoke to a website developer who is taking on new clients? Or maybe he needs help managing the windfall his business is bringing in.

Here are the real life people I have met and gotten to know this week:

A vegan and gluten-free cupcake maker'

A chiropractor who also uses Reiki

A wonderful massage therapist

A brilliant health and wellness coach

A lovely financial planner

A brilliant woman who has developed her own energy healing modality

A fascinating woman who works for a company that is hitting new heights in brain bio-feedback

A world renowned hypnotherapist

And that is just since Monday. As a result of my connections, I have 4 appointments for free two-hour coaching sessions with potential new clients next week. And all I did was meet new people.

If "sales" is your thing, try substituting "conversation". Believe me, sales will come.

And contact me if you want to meet any of my new friends I have mentioned about.