Sunday night is when I do it. Neither snow, nor sleet, nor dark of night can stop me from the weekly task of taking out the garbage.For example, last night I trudged through ankle high snow at 11pm. I clean out the frig and then take the garbage out so that Monday morning everything is fresh and ready to start anew. Every Sunday, I also take out the "task" garbage for the same reason.

People have a tendency to put something on a "to-do" list and do one of two things with it after that. Either they complete the task and cross it off the list or they move the task forward onto the next "to-do" list. There seems to be a great resistance to just taking an unfinished task off of a "to-do" list. It feels like a failure. Sometimes tasks become unnecessary, or we do them week after week because "that is what we have always done".

Here is what I do. Every Sunday when I plan my week and look at my "to-do" list for the week, I brutally  assess each item to see if it is still relevant and moving me forward toward my ultimate goals. For example, just last night, I removed three items off of my list because they involved contacting people who have not been responding to my calls. I now deem the effort on those three items to be more draining than the potential payoff. This immediately moved some workshop preparation steps closer to the top of my list - items which do offer a valuable potential payoff.

So don't look at this disposal of items as failure or "settling". Look at this process as getting the fish out of the frig before it stinks. Make room for the prime rib (sorry for  these metaphors for you vegans - I write what I know).

Hope you all have a profitable and joyous week. Remember, now is all there is. Past breeds regrets; future breeds anxiety; now breeds joy.