Here is a wonderful way to keep yourself in a constant state of gratitude. I do this every day, even on weekends.

Step 1 - Get a small journal or notebook that you can carry with you all day or designate an area on your phone to keep your Best Things list. The key requirement is that you must have it with you all of the time, within reason. It does not have to be shower-proof.

Step 2 - Soon after you have gotten up, list the best things that have happened to you, so far. Your list may look like this.

     1. Great night's sleep

     2. Shower felt great

     3. Kickin' cup of coffee

Steps 3 through infinity - As you go through the day, as something happens that is better than any item on your list, replace the item. Some days, I replace only one item, because I love a good shower and a great cup of coffee. Other days, my list turns over completely several times.

Final step - At the end of the day, you have the absolute top three things that have happened to you that day. Appreciate and be grateful for them just before going to bed and look forward to starting anew the next day.

Try it this weekend. Let me know how it works for you.