This is the third abbreviated synopsis of workshops I will be presenting over the next few months in Chicago and at Esprit 2014 in Washington. Just  a reminder that this brief blog represents 90-minutes of exciting, fun explorations. If anyone would like to book a workshop, get in touch with me. I will go anywhere - especially somewhere warm - NOW.

So a gremlin is that nasty little creature that creeps up and says you are not good enough - not smart enough - too old - too fat to do whatever it is that you are considering doing. Here the facts. 

FACT 1 - Gremlins are some of the strongest creatures you will ever encounter.

FACT 2 - Gremlins, historically, have shown up as people are on the threshold of greatness (read any successful person's biography).

FACT 3 - Gremlins are ultimately there to protect you.

So here is how to reassign your gremlin from being an enemy to being an ally.

Step 1 - Meet your gremlin

Give your gremlin a physical form and name. Draw a picture. Find a stuffed toy or figurine that represents your greatest fear. In naming your gremlin, do not name them after a real person. This is not a time to get back at your mother-in-law or ex. This is coaching, not therapy.

Step 2 - Talk to your gremlin

This may sound crazy, but trust me on this. Grab a cup of coffee and have a chat out loud with your gremlin. Maybe do this at home and not at a Starbucks. Address your gremlin and acknowledge its power. Compliment it on being so strong and influential in your life. Bring up what you want to do and tell the gremlin that they are standing in your way.

Step 3 - Enlist your gremlin's help

Since your gremlin is so strong, ask them to stand behind you in your quest instead of blocking your way. Close you eyes and imagine having all of the power that has been blocking you at your disposal in moving forward.

Step 4 - Keep your gremlin

Some similar exercises out there do drastic things to the gremlin. Destroy them. Burn them. We keep our gremlins because they are now allies. They not only represent new found strength, but will act as a constant reminder should we start to slip back into our old fears.

That is it in a nutshell. In my workshop we do a little more work in identifying the source of the gremlin and have a great time creating and introducing an image of our gremlins to the group. Silly? Yes. Childish? Yes. Effective? Every time.

Remember. You cannot make a mistake. The decisions you make are based on the data and emotions available to you at this point in time, so leap forward fearlessly. 

By favorite quote on the subject is uttered by the character, Benjamin Mee, in We Bought a Zoo.

"You know sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage, Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you something great will come of it."

Go out there and be insanely courageous and embarrassingly brave.