I am doing several workshops over the next few months for the transgender community. As some of you may know, I am a transitional coach who loves working with people who are passionate about their dreams and, as my business name implies, have chosen the road less traveled. My work with the transgender community goes back before my coaching days, both as a Tarot card reader and skin care specialist (yes, there are many hats in my closet). I have been blessed with knowing and working with an amazing group of men and women who really are pursuing their vision in a very discriminatory and closed off world.

I recently had a request for workshops for the Gray Trans, the aging transgender person dealing with the specific challenges of growing older in a demographic that doesn't fit comfortably into many of the programs offered. As one concerned maturing lady said to me, "it is like going back in high school. To feel comfortable in many of the retirement communities and assisted care facilities I have looked at, I feel like I would have to go back into the closet to be accepted, both by the staff and the residents." No one should have to back off of their dream once they have fought to achieve it. I am currently gathering information on what issues are important to this segment of the community so I can provide the desired information and, if necessary, advocacy needed. It appears to me that workshops may be needed for the non-trans community (assisted care staff and residents), as well, but I keep hitting that "old dog, new tricks" wall.

I have a business colleague who is already tiptoeing into this area with a workshop called "Engaging in Aging". This is not trans specific, but he is interested in modifying it so that it is. He has already presented this to an LGBT retirement group here in the western suburbs of Chicago. I believe a lot of the information is Chicago specific. If there are groups in the Chicago area interested in this workshop, contact me and I will get you in touch with Robert Stelletello and his group Right at Home. He covers many areas including financial, home care, legal issues and liability obligations.

Gray Trans is an area I really would like to delve into. I am doing workshops at transgender conferences in Washington state in May and Atlanta in September and here in Chicago next month. I would love to hear from the Gray Trans community as to what you would like to see in a workshop of this type. It would help me and many others by sharing your opinion.

Remember , each one of us is a perfect and unique energy source.