All experiences are opportunities for growth. I believe that, so I sometimes step back and explore a mundane incident to see if I can find higher meaning in it. Try it sometimes. It is a blast. So here goes.

Every night I make a cup of hot chocolate just before bed and top it with whipped cream. Before I put the cap back on the whipped cream, I "clear the nozzle" by squirting the last bit into my mouth. Last night I discovered how sharp the end of the spout was as I misjudged the location of my mouth and impaled my upper lip on it. Blood happened. My wife was there, making the incident even more embarrassing. 

So this morning, in the light of day, I decided to see if I could discover what the opportunity for growth would be here. The obvious lesson is that I should not be using whipped cream at all. Even though it is low-cal, it is still additional calories that I could afford to lose. Not going to happen. I love whipped cream on my hot chocolate. Maybe the lesson is that I should not be tooting out of the nozzle of the whipped cream canister because it is not sanitary for other users. That doesn't hold up, since I am the only one in the house that uses the whipped cream. That action also is not going to change.

So after much rumination, the lesson this experience has taught me is  . . . slow down. I won't rush the experience. I will savor the squirt of sweet whipped cream rather than hastily shooting it before tossing the canister back into the frig. I will make it a ritual. And as I enjoy that little bit of sweetness rolling over my tongue, I will appreciate the awesomeness of it and of everything wonderful that happened to me that day.

And I will make sure I know where my mouth is.

Hope there is an abundance in your life today of whatever is your whipped cream.

Send me any of your mundane experience and the growth lessons they have taught you.