There is the potential to learn from everyone you meet. For one thing, there is a public image people project and many layers of hidden tidbits that only are revealed as you get to know them. I attend a lot of networking events and collect a lot of business cards. My coaching practice in focused on people in transition, so the business cards that go to the top of my pile are entrepreneurs, new business owners, nurses, holistic practitioners and people connected with the transgender community in some way. All of these people represent potential clients or workshop opportunities. The people further down in the pile often offer the greatest surprises when I sit down for coffee. The "layers" often offer opportunities not visible at first glance. For example, here are the surprises I have discovered this month.

A financial planner who has some sit-coms and television projects she is hoping to get produced.

A person who handles care for the aging who has created workshops for Gray Trans - the aging transgender community, and who also has an acting background.

A great cupcake baker who has ties to Scotland and offered wonderful suggestions for my upcoming trip.

A wonderful chiropractor who is also an amazing artist.

A massage therapist who has space for workshops and also knew of a electrolysis person who had space available for workshops.

The list goes on and on. 

People are so much more than their initial label. If we play detective and really get to know a person's hobbies, dreams and avocations, we can start to see amazing connections. There is not a single person that I have met that has not stimulated the creative possibilities  of working together.

So, don't judge a book by its business card. Delve into the chapters to unlock some of the most amazing possibilities.