I am in the blessed business of helping people achieve their dreams. Don't come to me without a dream. If you are uncertain whether you have a dream or not, Ask yourself, "What is my passion?". Passion = Dreams = Passion.

You may not have a dream/passion. Many people don't. I have read Tarot cards for 25 years. The suite of Wands always represents passion. Every time a wand has shown up in a spread over the last 25 years, I have asked the same question. "What is your passion?" This can be passion about another person, your career, your family or a passion with a very little or no paycheck, for all you actors, artists and musicians out there. You have passion if you can't wait to get out of bed to pursue the fiery energy of that passion in your life. 

I would estimate that over the years, roughly 80% of the people that I have asked to identify their passion have looked at me like I had just grown a third ear in the middle of my forehead. If I push a little, I may get a "Well, I guess my passion is . . .". WRONG! YOU DON'T "GUESS YOUR PASSION IS". YOU KNOW. If you have a passion, you know it and it eats at you 24/7 unless you are pursuing it, even in the smallest way.

Oh, you may rationalize that you will get to it someday. You may say to yourself that you are taking time away from it, building up resources to pursue it, waiting until the right time. The reality is, if you are not doing something every day to honor your passion, you are disrespecting it.

Now to the point of this brant (blog/rant). If you have a dream, is it big? Can it be bigger? When I start working with a client , I ask them to identify their dream (objective or goal for you executive types) and then I ask them to dream bigger and bigger and bigger. I mean, after all, it is a dream. You can make it whatever you want it to be. From these various levels of dreams that we uncover, we next decide what is the ultimate dream, the acceptable dream and a manageable middle dream. We now have a no fail situation. We are going to work for the ultimate dream with the idea that there are two alternative levels of dreams that are completely acceptable. Notice nothing is identified as the LEAST acceptable dream - just acceptable. Even reaching the acceptable level is reaching your dream.

So it is a beautiful weekend in most of the country. If you don't have a dream, spend the weekend discovering it. When we were kids, it was nothing to say "I want to be a cowboy", "I want to be an astronaut". I dare say no one ever said as a kid, "I want to be a waiter" or "I want to be an administrative assistant". So ,open up that imagination that you used as a kid and dream and then dream big and then dream bigger.

If you do have a dream, use your imagination to dream big, and then dream bigger.

The character of the dreamer in the Tarot deck is called The Fool, not because it is foolish to dream, but because other people often label people who are pursuing their dreams as "foolish". This reaction to the dreamer is caused by other people not having a frame of reference for understanding a dreamer. These critics and naysayers are the people who may not have dreamed of being waiters and administrative assistance as kids, but later in life, these jobs became their acceptance of where they were going to end up. So naturally the toad does not understand the soaring eagle.

So, April 1 is our Fool's Day. Make an April Fool's resolution to find and pursue your dream. Share your resolution with me. I love living people's dreams with them.