Do you have basic beliefs which limit what you can achieve? Everyone does. We are either raised with or grow into limiting beliefs. My personal limiting belief that I dealt with a few years ago was that I was too old to start a new career. Once I quit believing this untruth, I started a very lucrative business. 

I usually hear a limiting belief within the first 10 minutes of speaking with a new client. The concept I immediately introduce to them is the difference between Truth and what is true (capitalization intended). Stay with me on this. it gets deep. True is who you think you are because our physical world and the way we react to it is based on how we CHOOSE to perceive it. Truth is who we really are. If everyone believed that the world was flat (true by way of general perception), would it still be flat (Truth)? Carrying forward, if I believe I am too old to start a new career (used to be true base on my perception), it definitely does not mean I am too old to start a new career (Truth), unless I accept the perceived true statement as the Truth.

Wise people question everything, especially when limiting beliefs creep into their psyche. And you are wise people. Ergo, you should always question everything, especially anything that you think about yourself that is limiting you in any way.

So, what questions do you ask yourself when these limiting beliefs rear their ugly heads?

How true is this belief, really?

Where did I get this idea? "It's always been there", is not a specific enough answer. Dig down to the root cause. This could go back to your childhood. Did you parents tell your grandparent, "Oh, she just isn't good at math."?

How has this belief affected me?

How can I let this belief go?

How can I put this into action, immediately?

This is important. Once you know how to let the limiting belief go, waste no time in taking action to do it. Inactivity just opens the door for the belief to creep back in and for the doubt to take over. Make a strategic plan. Break it down into action steps. Plan to do the first action step immediately. Make your first action step a bold leap. It starts you on your new road with a fiery burst of energy and commitment. Believe me, you will feel a wave of relief, excitement and assurance that you have done the right thing. My first action step was to contact three medical schools that I had worked with for ten years and advise them that I would not be resigning my contract for the next year. Bold and exciting.

So this week, take time to review the "true statements" you make to yourself or that you hear from others (parents, bosses, significant others) that you may accept as true and brutally pick them apart to discover the Truth. There is an amazing road out there for each of you, if you have the wisdom to question your limiting beliefs.

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