Whether you are a new or seasoned caregiver, it is very normal to focus on all of the chores, obligations and scheduling that accompany your role. It is easy to feel put upon. In this environment it is easy to go though your day and not be aware of the wonderful things that have occurred. it is important to keep a balance during this stressful period, and I suggest clients utilize a technique I call "Three Gratitudes".

When you wake up in the morning, on a piece of paper list three things you are grateful for. This can be as simple as:

1. A great night's sleep
2. A wonderful shower
3. An amazing cup of hazelnut coffee (can you tell what I am enjoying right now?)

Keep this list with you at all times. A small journal or notebook works great for this. As your day progresses, if something happens that is better than one of the three things on your list, go to your list and cross an  item off and write the new gratitude item at the bottom. At the end of the day, look at your three items. On an uneventful day, you will still have three things for which to be thankful. On a gratitude filled day, your page will be filled with scratch throughs and the three "cream of the crop" gratitudes will be there for you. Even the multiple scratch through's will be visual evidence of how incredible your day was.

Caregiving is not easy, but maintaining a balanced perspective will keep you moving forward every day.