Tis the season for gratitude, sharing and giving. And starting your anabolic team. This is a group of up to ten people (more than ten becomes too hard to maintain) who are your go-to support group. Take a moment to recall all the nice things that they have done for you during the year. Now start a new tradition. Take a moment to email, call or drop a short note to these people who have been supportive in your life to express your gratitude. 

Now, go to your calendar and put a tickler at the beginning of every month, starting in January of 2015 to touch base with these people sometime during the month. I send my anabolic tea different items each month - articles I like, inspirational quotes and just plain silly stuff. When I was in Scotland, I bought small $5 books that I mailed to them for about $5. Total cost: $100. Unbelievable response: Priceless. People are extremely surprised to get something for no reason.

Start the season with this new tradition. It will keep you closer to the ones who are your foundation. It will also give the unselfish gift of staying in touch, not just when you need something. 

Happy holidays