Self-Care for Nurses
Targeted to nurses who are seeking balance in their lives in order to avoid compassion fatigue and nurse burnout. By taking a simple value assessment, it is evident which areas of life are out of alignment. Adaptable for other healthcare professionals.

Self-Care for Caregivers
Targeted to the lay caregiver focusing on embracing the negative emotions that are natural in the "obligation" of care-giving. The goal is to move forward with a self-protecting plan.

Un-Pushing Your Buttons
Designed to provide 5 levels of defense when the ones you care for lash out. By honoring and acknowledging what triggers our buttons, we can choose how we want to react emotionally to them being pushed.

Keeping Your Dream Alive
This workshop explores the four main obstacles that keep people in transition from living and pursuing their dreams and provides secrets for breaking though. This workshop is designed to engage and inspire individuals to stay the course.

Being Your Own Support
In this workshop, individuals identify and embrace their strengths and talents. Working from these strengths, the workshop participants develop a "go to" tool kit to provide them support when others are not able or willing to give support.

Re-balancing Your Life
Through the use of a Wheel of Life (not the Lion King kind), the participants rate eight areas of their life and identify which areas are in need of attention. Together we develop a Life Strategy to address areas needing attention.

Dealing With Professional Conflicts
This workshop teaches a communication technique that allows participants to begin expressing negative feelings in a factual, unemotional way. Through role play, this technique is practiced in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. Finally, we identify areas that can be controlled and those areas that cannot be controlled and develop strategies for dealing with both.


personal coaching

My personal coaching starts with an hour of complimentary evaluation and coaching for potential clients. This introductory session allows me to define if and how I can help my client. After the initial session, I offer a choice of packages that will be the most beneficial and accessible to the individual client, while honoring my client's time and financial availability. The general pattern of a session consists of the client filling out a short form before our meeting to assess how you think things have progressed since the previous meeting, followed by a forty minute discussion either in person or over the phone, followed by an email reviewing whet we have discussed.

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