Errol McLendon is a true gentle-man. His insight, good humor and down-to-earth sensibility offset his alarmingly high levels of emotional and spiritual intelligence; a real package deal. He is kind, capable, smart and real, but supports the bigness of your dreams and the truth of your reality in ways you didn't realize you needed until he came along. I recommend him for assistance in every difficult task on your life's journey.        

-Emmy B.

Errol McLendon is a colleague, friend and a damned fine coach. His "small steps" approach helps me see that, not only am I making progress on my present goals, I  feel like I can set, work towards and achieve new ones.

-Olivia D.

Errol inspired me to follow my dream of creating my lavender farm. We spent hours and hours over coffee brainstorming ideas and approaches. Anytime I would come across an obstacle, he would help me find a solution to overcome that problem.Every time I've had self-doubt, he's been there to remind me how amazing what i've already accomplished actually is! And now that my plants are in the ground, and my farm is becoming a reality, I have him to thank in so many ways.Anyone who has the opportunity to share their ideas and dreams with him, let me tell you, you are truly blessed.

-Danielle B.

I feel like so much static has been cleared out of my life and it's very exciting.

-Kevin L.

He creates space for you to discover things about yourself that you never knew were within your skin.

-Kathy G.